GoBank Breaks the Mold

by on Sep 10, 2013

Launched in June 2013, GoBank was created as a mobile banking platform with Millennials and avid smartphone users in mind as target banking480931 customers. Since these customers prefer mobile, electronic transactions to paper or teller interactions, GoBank’s full line of banking capabilities is available via mobile app. The bank is also branch-less with a wide network of free ATMs. Customers can open a bank account from their mobile device, deposit funds using remote deposit capture or a visit to Walmart, and perform typical money-moving transactions such as bill pay or person-to-person (P2P) payments. GoBank assesses little-to-no fees and offers its younger clientele a set of budgeting tools to help them manage their finances.

While Corporate Insight does not track GoBank for our Bank Monitor, Mobile Monitor or Bank Website Audit services, we think some of the unique features of this bank’s mobile app and website are worth highlighting for our clients. On the slides below, we highlight GoBank’s major strengths and innovations and provide descriptive screenshots from our onboarding and client experience.

GoBank Breaks the Mold from Corporate Insight


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