Google Targets Small Businesses with Adwords Business Credit

by on Oct 15, 2012

sso_google_100x50In the summer of 2011, Google conducted a pilot program in the U.S. where select customers were invited to open an AdWords Business Credit card, which could be used solely to pay for Adwords advertising purchases. The results of the pilot program were positive, showing that 74% of small businesses used their Adwords Business card as their first source of payment for their Adwords campaigns.

A year later, Google has announced on their Adwords blog that it will officially offer its Adwords Business Credit, in the U.K., and the U.S. later this year. The firm stated that Adwords Business Credit in the U.S. will be fee-free with a low APR of 8.99% (depending on the customer’s credit history), and will remain available only for Adwords purchases. Google hopes the Adwords Business Credit card, which will be a MasterCard, can offer cash flow flexibility for small and medium-sized businesses, allowing them to be more nimble to spend cash on other business expenses.

Closing Thoughts
The big question that comes to mind: Does Google plan to increase its offerings to the small business card industry and will allowing the Adwords Business Credit cards to be used for purchases outside Adwords be the first step?

According to an article in Financial Times, Francoise Brougher, the VP of Sales and Operations for Google, says the firm does not have any additional products planned for small business at this time. This sentiment was repeated by a few other Google execs that were asked about the firms. While Adwords Business Credit is presently aimed at increasing Adwords’ convenience of use and visibility within the small business community, Google could easily expand the card’s purchasing parameters to include outside purchases or other Google services.


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