Happy Birthday! Need Life Insurance?

by on Jun 14, 2017

USAA takes its customer engagement to a higher level by sending birthday greetings that remind clients with other product holdings of their life insurance needs. One of our panelists with banking and credit card accounts at USAA recently received a custom mailer wishing them a happy birthday and offering them a discount on life insurance. The front of the pamphlet features the following tagline: “As you celebrate your birthday, count your blessings and your savings.” Inside, rates are provided for a 10-year, $250,000 term policy based on the customer’s current age and best risk class. The mailer also directs customers to visit usaa.com/protector, where all life insurance product information is housed. On the back of the pamphlet next to the mailing address, the firm teases: “Our gift to you: new, lower life insurance rates.”

Front of Mailer

Inside of Mailer

Birthday greetings are a great way for financial advisors and firms alike to remind clients of their life insurance needs. Major life events like a birthday, birth of a child, loss of a loved one and divorce all present significant pivot points and sales opportunities for life insurers. Corporate Insight’s Life Insurance Monitor last explored this marketing opportunity in our September 2016 report, which focused on public site educational resources but did not include mailers.

Back of Mailer

Given the influx of birthday greetings that today’s consumers usually receive via Facebook, other forms of social media and email, such greetings are expected and must therefore stand out. Coverage reminders are helpful, as are specific details regarding rates and term conversion opportunities. USAA’s mailer is exceptional for its personalization, pricing information, attractive design, strong marketing language and promotion of the firm’s website.