April 2017 – Personal Health Records

Health record data, whether sourced from claims or entered manually by members, can be an excellent source of information to help both member and provider to practice preventive healthcare and gain a better understanding of patient health. Health records can include data ranging from lab screenings results to family health history. Many of the firms in this report expand on that data by offering tools like health trackers, document libraries and emergency information cards.
Eleven firms in the Healthcare Monitor coverage group offer access to components of members’ medical records. Because four firms use WebMD as their medical record platform, we detail seven total platforms in this report, including tools developed in house and by third parties. Regardless of origin, firms’ personal health record tools do not uniformly present data, prefill information or seem to have a common goal. Firms offer a range of results—from logically organized, comprehensive data that is easily findable to results that rely instead on users to input information manually. Some firms excel with their own unique platforms, but most firms could stand to drastically improve their offerings.