August 2017 – Mobile Site Optimization

Though firms outside of the healthcare industry have set a precedent of broad functionality on mobile platforms, health plans often lag in offering comprehensive, consumer-centric mobile sites and apps. As more clients become accustomed to accomplishing tasks on their phone, the healthcare industry must move toward a complete mobile-optimized user experience. While many firms offer mobile apps, these often fail to offer full member portal functionalities, leading members looking to do more than access their member ID to their plans’ mobile sites. In this report, we examine coverage group firms’ mobile site offerings.

Our research found a variety of levels of mobile functionality, with some firms offering non-mobile-optimized sites and others providing mobile sites with access to comprehensive responsive tools. UnitedHealthcare offers exemplary capabilities, putting functionality first and making the mobile platform member-focused. While a surprising amount of capabilities are optimized for mobile devices, the healthcare industry overall still has a long way to go to provide members with useful and efficient technology that enhances their experience as patients, such as the ability to book an appointment with a provider through the mobile site.