September 2015: Evaluating Member Site Health and Wellness Learning Centers

This report focuses on educational content related to improving health and wellness provided to members behind the login. We detail the placement of each firm’s resources and at the content itself. We highlight the medium used to present the content, examining whether firms offer text-based articles only or additional content as infographics, podcasts and videos. We also consider any notable features incorporated into the resources such as interactive components, calculators and advanced search capabilities.

Our review evaluates the following criteria:

  • Location from the member websites and navigation of the resource centers
  • Type of content offered as well as quality of the content
  • Format in which the resources are presented and additional value-added features

Of the eight health insurers covered in this report, firms generally performed well in terms of the location and accessibility of resources. All firms offer a dedicated section that aggregates their health and wellness resources. The most notable firms promote health and wellness resources on their member site homepage, through a homepage quick link and from a main menu tab.

When evaluating firms by the types of material they provide, we found that all firms offer articles in plain HTML, supplemental images, videos, quizzes, assessment guides and calculators. Five firms offer streaming audio or podcasts. Only two firms offer webcasts. Tufts Health Plan is the only firm with a platform that offers health games to help develop the user’s problem solving, memory, concentration, language and sight.

We found that every firm in our coverage group provides information about common diseases and conditions like as arthritis and cancer. Clinical lab tests and treatments are also popular topics within wellness resources. Health learning centers also include modules geared toward age groups and genders like parenting (seven firms) and teen health (five firms).

We found that wellness centers allow members to print resources directly from the center, as well as email or share them via social media. Only one firm offers all three options to its members, seven firms offer at least a print or email capability. Every firm provides a wellness center with an index of covered topics as well as a simple search field but no firms provide advanced search or filter capabilities – an area the industry should look to improve.

Additional key findings include:

  • Six firms offer more than one wellness center to members.
  • The most common topics covered on wellness centers include fitness, nutrition and weight management
  • Only two firms deliver daily health news articles
  • Five firms have in-house platforms, and seven host third-party platforms.
  • Three centers allow members to set up options to receive reminders and educational content via email.