February 2017 – Introducing Florida Blue and Oscar

We are pleased to introduce full coverage of the Florida Blue and Oscar public and member websites to Healthcare Monitor. Both Florida Blue and Oscar add new perspectives to the coverage group with their tools and member experience designs. Florida Blue is a leading provider across the state of Florida with a stated goal of providing affordable healthcare through its core principles. Oscar has been making headlines as a major disruption to the typical healthcare system since it was founded in 2013. Forbes listed Oscar as one of “The 7 Organizations That Will Turn Healthcare Upside Down in 2016,” mentioning the firm’s ads, consumer-friendly model and investor backing. Forbes also cited Florida Blue in a 2016 piece for its “diverse mix of products statewide on public exchanges.”
Florida Blue provides members with a well-organized, member-oriented website with a noted focus on help and transparency. The firm markedly provides a strong doctor locator tool and a comprehensive claims section. A number of usable tools are available on both the public and private site, though some suffer from design and location flaws. Oscar, an outlier in the healthcare industry, personifies its mission through a simple and results-oriented mobile experience. The firm’s unique layout and approach to the member site is user-friendly. Oscar’s doctor locator tool also excels in its mission to help customers find care with few design flaws and an integrated map. Though Oscar is unique in its design and approach, the company could benefit from offering more and could avoid the pitfalls of modern website design.
In this report we provide an analysis of key findings for both the public and member user experiences offered by Florida Blue and Oscar. We also provide a comprehensive capabilities summary for the public and member site platforms. Though it is not a part of the capabilities matrix, we included an analysis of Oscar’s mobile platform as it is an integral aspect of the firm’s brand. While the two insurers offer drastically different user experiences, both add insight into the ever-evolving scope of health insurance providers.