January 2017 – Open Enrollment Season Promos

Especially considering the uncertainty around health insurance’s future landscape, health plans must help individuals understand the current system, how to get insured, where to receive care and how to pay for that care. Recognizing this, many health plans and health insurance organizations have leveraged their public sites and social media to communicate with and engage individuals on topics surrounding open enrollment, health insurance and keeping users informed of important policy issues; assimilating these communications as a means of promoting enrollment. This Healthcare Monitor Report examines public sites, email and text communications as well as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube pages maintained by health plans targeted at new and renewing members during the open enrollment period.

Coverage group plans do not uniformly promote open enrollment and health insurance, with some focusing more on other products, their company culture or other objectives. Regardless of how involved the firm may be in the individual Marketplace, we see that many health plans misstep in using their public-facing digital mediums to promote enrollment through educational articles and thought leadership pieces on health insurance, the Affordable Care Act or the costs of health insurance. The best accounts employ media, text and hashtags in their posts on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and gamified, media-heavy and succinct content on public sites; in addition, some organizations promote enrollment through email and text notifications. Best-in-class health plans drive users to interactive resources and manage their post frequency effectively.