May 2017 – Fitness and Wellness Discounts

Health plans have a vested interest in making sure members stay healthy. Resources that encourage members to exercise or purchase healthy meals are, therefore, key components to an effective and holistic member experience. While most plans offer health discount programs, information about them has previously been relegated to lengthy policy PDFs. More commonly, insurers now provide program details and resources directly on their member sites to ensure members know they have fitness, health and wellness discounts they can take advantage of. Following up on the March 2017 report analyzing digital health and wellness rewards programs, this month we examine the reimbursement and discount resources promoted on coverage group firms’ sites.

Health plans uniformly feature dedicated discounts sections that aggregate most of their program offerings in one member site area. Leading firms promote their offerings through homepage graphic links, but there is still plenty of room for industry-wide growth in this arena. Coverage firms typically offer members a variety of fitness, health and wellness programs, with 50% providing fitness reimbursement programs, 80% offering fitness club membership discounts, 80% providing discounts on nutrition and weight-loss programs and 20% offering mindfulness and meditation programs savings. Instead of integrating discounts into the member platform, however, almost every health plan redirects members to third-party partner sites to obtain a promoted discount, making redemption potentially cumbersome for members and removing membership exclusivity.