November 2018 – Consumer-Driven Health Plans or Alphabet Soup? Educational Resources on CDHPs, HDHPs, HSAs, FSAs and HRAs

​The adoption of account-linked consumer-directed health plans (CDHPs) is increasing among large employers. Studies show that employers that offer consumer-directed plans save more per member per year than with a traditional health plan. Enrollees in health spending plans spend less on most types of healthcare services, receive preventive care more often and demonstrate higher levels of engagement when making healthcare decisions. Paired with CDHPs, health financial accounts, like health savings accounts (HSAs), help alleviate the high medical expenses associated with a high deductible plan. However, issues arise with low adoption or poor use of health financial accounts due to lack of understanding. Given the intricacies involved in account-linked CDHP products—including terminology, acronyms, rules and regulations—public site resources present an ideal platform for education. Providing such resources allows firms to leverage their own services while also enhancing awareness and education. This Healthcare Monitor Report focuses on account-linked CDHP educational resources provided to individuals and employers on the public sites of 13 firms in our coverage group.

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