October 2015: Social Media Strategy in Healthcare Insurance

This report focuses on the implementation and operation of social media by Healthcare Monitor firms. We analyze corporate social media accounts that focus on health and insurance initiatives as well as customer service. We first examine how the accounts are promoted and how firms provide direct access to these pages from their public websites. Content on each firm’s social media pages is also examined thoroughly and we note several of the strategies used by firms on their accounts – specifically presentation, guidelines and user engagement.

We place the greatest emphasis on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Linked accounts, but also note anything new and noteworthy that firms are doing across other social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. We review the following when examining firms’ social media pages:

  • Accessibility and promotion
  • Content and messaging focus
  • Value added features

Every firm covered in this report provides access to their Facebook, Twitter and YouTube accounts from their public website. We found that six firms actively manage a company LinkedIn account, and offer access on the respective public sites. Website footers were the most frequently used access point for social media accounts, used by every firm, followed by a dedicated social media page on two public sites.

Health and wellness-specific content is prevalent across all the Facebook and Twitter pages of Healthcare Monitor firms. Firms are not only making wellness content readily accessible on social media, but they are also featuring content in a manner that makes it far more relatable and digestible than simply posting a stat or a hyperlink to an article.

The firms covered in this report successfully use social media to promote their brands or specific campaigns. The majority of firms (80%), promote company-sponsored events or initiatives on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, but fewer promote their products, plans and services on Facebook (60%) and Twitter (50%) – an attribute that organizations should incorporate more into their social media strategies.

Healthcare Monitor firms primarily use LinkedIn updates regarding corporate citizenship and community events, as well as career health tips and work-life balance articles. Additionally, all six firms that manage an active LinkedIn account promote job opportunities, career fairs and working at the firm.

Among the coverage group:

  • Of the firms that actively maintain a Facebook page, nine routinely incorporate current events, holidays or pop-culture references into posts
  • 50% promote website content or online tools and resources on Facebook
  • 90% of Twitter accounts reviewed use hashtags, and 80% frequently supplement tweets with images or video
  • Every firm uploads videos of commercials and promotional clips on YouTube
  • 90% of organizations feature client stories/member testimonials, these videos are often featured on and embedded within Facebook posts and tweets.
  • Educational videos are uncommon on LinkedIn as no organization offers them