How Asset Management Industry Leaders Are Marketing ETFs

by on Apr 04, 2017

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have been gaining popularity since the 2008 financial crisis. This passive investment trend is greatly affecting our clients in the advisor and mutual fund coverage groups. Firms recognize the importance of adapting to client demand and in return have been expanding ETF products and launching new campaigns. Even an industry leader like Fidelity has been feeling the pressure, having rolled out six new ETFs in 2016, increasing its line by 40%. Firms employ a variety of resources to promote new products and educate investors with ETF-driven content, strategies and tools. Below are five examples outlining content marketing strategies:

  1. Janus is promoting its line of active fixed income, enhanced beta and thematic ETF products with colorful graphs, charts and infographics. The firm released an attractive campaign, one of the strongest in our coverage group, to help educate investors about its suite of ETFs and continues to promote the page on its public site. Investors were notified about the product launches by press release, email and investor site homepage images.
  1. Franklin Templeton’s LibertyShares campaign is promoting its line of strategic beta and active ETFs through a robust ancillary website that includes a comprehensive review of fund profiles as well as strategic insight and relevant commentaries. The firm actively promotes the site on the Latest Updates section of its public homepage.
  1. John Hancock developed an ancillary website to advertise its line of multifactor ETFs. The firm also published a promotional white paper—The Case for Multifactor Investing—that discusses key investment benefits and outlines important advantages such as flexibility and tax efficiencies.
  1. OppenheimerFunds entered the space with the release of ESG revenue-weighted ETFs. The firm promoted its new products with a press release and now actively promotes its suite of ETFs on the investor homepage, linking to many commentaries about smart beta and revenue-weighted strategies. The page—Invest in a Rev’d Up World—includes videos, related commentaries and articles about strategic investing tips and outlines the advantages of adding ETFs to an investor’s portfolio.
  1. Legg Mason makes it easy for investors to learn about its ETF offerings by consolidating all related content on one page—Legg Mason Solution-Driven ETFs—that profiles featured products and links to the firm’s complete suite. The colorful page highlights three key advantages and includes related market commentaries, articles and content such as white papers, investment guides and PDF