How Insurance Firms Reward Customers for Healthy Behaviors

by on May 31, 2017

Health and wellness rewards programs offered by employers and insurance companies incentivize individuals to adopt healthy behaviors. Firms use the resulting data to ascertain the health needs of their customers and deliver a better product through personalized recommendations and rewards. With a healthier member base, health insurers use wellness programs to contain spending by reducing claims costs. Life insurance firms leverage wellness programs to attract new buyers and extend longevity. In both industries, we have seen new health and wellness rewards models that have the potential to change the way participants engage with insurers.

Drawing key insights from the research of both Life Insurance Monitor and Healthcare Monitor services, our latest white paper provides an overview of the way insurers use rewards and gamification to encourage wellness. In the white paper, we analyze six firms and their wellness programs, including:

  • John Hancock Vitality Program
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois Well onTarget
  • Cigna Wellness Funds
  • Humana Go365
  • Oscar
  • UnitedHealthcare Rally