Humana Releases Cue for Apple Watch and iOS Devices – Get Moving!

by on May 14, 2015

humanalogoHumana steps into the wearables space with its new Cue app, compatible with Apple devices operating on iOS 8.2 or higher as well as the Apple Watch. Since the induction of Apple Health last fall, the release of health- and fitness-related apps has rapidly escalated. Tech enthusiasts have been speculating for some time whether the Apple Watch will give fitness trackers a run for their money, given its advanced motion sensor technology and syncing capabilities to products like FitBit and Jawbone.


 Humana Cue Apple Watch App (Source: Business Wire)

According to the insurer, Cue works by prompting users to perform simple tasks through direct-to-device alerts. Up to six pre-set activities can be tracked. Users can customize which “cue” habits they would like to track, and will receive push notifications reminding them to stretch, drink water, walk, etc. Users can schedule a maximum of nine alerts per day. The app offers optional motion sensor tracking, which is recommended for increased accuracy in gauging the specific activities in which the user needs improvement. The app works on the notion that repetition will form a subconscious routine, ultimately turning healthy actions into habits and improving the user’s overall health. By setting reasonably attainable goals, Cue is unlikely to overwhelm participants.


  List of Cues (Left) and “Straighten Up” Cue Reminder on iPhone (Right)

This is the first app that Humana has made available to all individuals using an applicable device, and is not reserved exclusively for its members. While from a cost standpoint, health-centric apps can save insurance companies money by improving the overall health of members, Humana proves its commitment to a target audience that extends beyond its customers. As an example, the firm’s public blog – Daily Healthy – offers insight on medical advances in health and technology, and provides actionable tips for a healthier lifestyle for all. The release of the public app speaks once again to Humana’s dedication to promoting wellness.