Insurance Firms’ Broader Take on Mobile

by on May 10, 2012

altOver the past few months, property and casualty firms have been busy creating new mobile apps for customers. While over 80% of P&C; Insurance Monitor firms already offered mobile versions of their insurance sites, some companies are currently broadening their efforts to more unique features, ranging from apps that help users get organized to games that strengthen the firm’s brand.

For example, State Farm recently unveiled a MoveTools app for the iPad that enables users to prepare for moving by making box labels, checklists and a catalog of their belongings. Other firms’ apps focus more on pure entertainment. GEICO, Liberty Mutual and Progressive each offer games, often related to driving or sports. Notably, GEICO and Progressive successfully integrate their recognizable and popular mascots into these apps.  GEICO’s Caveman Photo Crasher lets mobile users add the mascot to their photos, while Progressive’s Superstore Shuffle game offers a virtual version of the firm’s store where users help Flo assist customers. Allstate offers a messaging tool similar to Foursquare.




The insurance industry’s efforts in the mobile space are impressive. Firms not only embrace the channel as a way to service clients, but also continuously develop new features to engage prospects and clients around their brand. This month’s upcoming Property & Casualty Monitor report will offer an in-depth analysis of each firm’s mobile offerings including service platforms, games and otherwise.