Introducing Discover Bank to Bank Monitor

by on Apr 26, 2016


Corporate Insight is pleased to introduce Discover Bank to our Bank Monitor coverage group. After launching in 1985 as a subsidiary of Sears, the Illinois-based company now offers home and personal loans, small business and consumer credit cards, retirement funds and banking products. An overview of the firm’s bank products and private site features is included in the May 2, 2016 Bank Monitor Update.

Discover Bank currently offers one checking account, one savings account, one money market account and one certificate of deposit. Customers can obtain a healthy amount of product information from dedicated product pages, including benefits, fees, interactive savings tools and extensive competitor comparison charts. The wide variety of customizable comparison tools makes the firm stand out among competitors. All product content and materials are easily accessible from the firm’s user-friendly navigation menu consisting of flyout tabs.

discover_cd_competitor_comparison_tool.pngDiscover CD Competitor Comparison Tool

 customizable_discover_bank_accounts_comparison_tool.pngCustomizable Discover Bank Accounts Comparison Tool

The firm stands out for its straightforward and well-organized public and private site navigation. The no-frills approach is easily digested for potential and current customers. The private site navigation features just four main flyout tab menus with quick links for online banking tasks. The private site homepage uses expandable sections and a variety of font sizes and type for account holders to view basic account details. From the Accounts flyout menu, users have access to an overview of their accounts including the names, types and balances.

private_site_homepage.pngPrivate Site Homepage

accounts_flyout_menu.pngAccounts Flyout Menu

With a strong history in the credit card industry and a growing presence in the rest of the financial sphere, Discover Bank is a welcome addition to Corporate Insight’s Bank Monitor coverage group for biweekly updates and monthly analytical reports.