When Two Worlds Collide: Investors can now Access Account and Market Information via TD Ameritrade’s Facebook Messenger

by on Sep 11, 2017

With over one billion active users, Facebook has become much more than a simple social networking platform. Users are increasingly looking to Facebook for more than just posts from family and friends, but also for news updates, entertainment and games. Now, TD Ameritrade clients can receive account, market and quote information on Facebook Messenger, giving investors up-to-date market data and assistance. TD Ameritrade has stood out in the past for integrating social media into their financial services offerings, with the launch of its Social Signals tool in 2015 that allows clients to view recent tweets about specific companies and associated brands.

In August, TD launched a Facebook Messenger chat bot that allows all users to request market and quote information or view educational content. Users can also create and save a securities list, which is a great feature for those who track the markets. TD clients who wish to view account-specific information such as balances, holdings and order status can log in to TD Ameritrade through Facebook. Driven by AI technology and backed by CSRs, the bot reveals automated, quick answers or responses. This is an effective way for clients to keep current with their investments without leaving Facebook.


TD Ameritrade Facebook Messenger Bot

Well-designed chat bots are an excellent way for firms to provide immediate customer service in a conversational format. As more firms are introducing ways to accelerate and simplify the customer service experience, TD stands out for offering an intuitive bot that provides targeted suggestions and potential next steps. The bot also understands limited natural language requests such as “can I have a quote for AAPL,” however TD could stand to improve this functionality. Commendably, the firm plans to build out additional features and introduce trading capabilities.