John Hancock Vitality Combines Rewards with Education

by on Nov 08, 2017

John Hancock’s Vitality program combines education and rewards to encourage clients to eat fruits and vegetables and exercise regularly. The program rewards clients for purchasing healthy foods and recently made headlines for expanding its Apple Watch discount offer to every client, promoting the expansion as motivation for clients to exercise more and earn lower watch payments. Promotional materials and press releases focus on the program’s rewards, but its less-flashy educational materials are also valuable: The firm provides a wealth of information about diet and exercise, from quick tips on the private site homepage to detailed nutritional recommendations. Here, we highlight three elements of the Vitality program that educate clients about wellness, empowering them to make healthy choices and earn rewards.

Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter

Recipes and nutrition recommendations support clients who wish to take advantage of the HealthyFood initiative, which rewards them for purchasing groceries like fruits and vegetables. All Vitality clients have access to the Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter, which publishes articles and advice designed to improve readers’ health and nutrition based on scientific studies. Articles and recipes promote cooking meals with vegetables and whole grains, and additional articles recommend limiting alcohol intake, exercising regularly and reducing sugar consumption. Clients can register for weekly newsletters or simply access the Tufts site from the Vitality private site homepage.

Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter Homepage

Live More Magazine

The quarterly Live More magazine promotes Vitality membership as a lifestyle, combining information about policy-related rewards with articles about exercising, traveling and eating well. The magazine supplements travel recommendations and meditation guidelines with sidebars that compare calories in common foods, recommend healthy snacks and describe quick workout options. Puzzles, recipes and yoga illustrations offer new ways for clients to enhance daily routines. An article about meal planning, for example, features meal recommendations, shopping strategies and storage tips.

Summer 2017 Live More Magazine

Vitality Squares Game

The monthly Vitality Squares game centers on the distinction between healthy and unhealthy foods and features facts about nutrition while clients play. In the game of chance, clients select a limited number of squares on a game board to reveal either fruits or unhealthy foods, earning Vitality Points or gift cards based on the number of fruits revealed. The game displays facts and recommendations about each food revealed: it notes, for example, that oranges are rich in vitamin A and recommends that clients replace French fries with a salad. A congratulatory message at the game’s conclusion celebrates clients’ achievements, noting, “You Found the Fruit, You Get the Loot!” By integrating educational materials into a colorful game, the program combines its trademark client engagement with information that may improve clients’ diets.

Vitality Squares Game

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