John Hancock Vitality Program Celebrates Halloween

by on Oct 31, 2017

The John Hancock Vitality program offers premium discounts for healthy activities and generates significantly more client engagement than traditional life insurance policies, with clients interacting with the firm an average of 22 times each month. This frequent contact lets John Hancock connect with clients not only about topics directly related to life insurance—such as new family members or job changes—but also about health, wellness and daily life. With discussions of seasonal food, activities and fun facts, the firm’s month-long celebration of Halloween illustrates how it positions Vitality not just as a financial service but as a part of daily life.

Recipes and More Incentivize Healthy Eating

During October, articles about seasonal foods reinforce the Vitality program’s incentives for healthy eating, encouraging clients to eat pumpkins but stay away from candy. Incentives like the HealthyFood benefit reward clients for purchases of fruits, vegetables and other healthy ingredients, and Halloween-themed posts help them earn these incentives. The October Vitality newsletter describes pumpkins as a nutritious and versatile treat, listing nutrition facts and highlighting health benefits. The article recommends cooking pumpkins into a soup and warns that, despite their name, pumpkin spice lattes lack the health benefits of eating pumpkin. Instead, a second article provides a recipe for spicy pumpkin chili.

October Vitality Newsletter Article

The program also warns against eating the candy traditionally enjoyed on Halloween. A newsletter article lists health risks of 20 candies, noting that many contain artificial ingredients and warning that the palm oil in some candies puts orangutans at risk of extinction. As an alternative to candy, the private site Newsfeed points clients toward a list of healthy food to hand out to trick-or-treaters, featuring festive snacks such as applesauce and pumpkin seeds.

Activities Inspire Fall Fun

Vitality also encourages clients to celebrate Halloween with fall-themed activities. The private site Newsfeed promotes an October bucket list from the Travel Channel website that highlights events around the country, including a display of 3,000 jack-o’-lanterns and a semi-nude haunted house. A newsletter article reviews the history of fall activities such as bobbing for apples, carving pumpkins and eating candy corn.

October Vitality Newsletter Article

Fun Facts Position Vitality as a Lifestyle Resource

Notably, the firm provides Halloween-related resources beyond those directly related to diet or exercise, positioning Vitality not just as a source of health recommendations but also as a general lifestyle resource. The Newsfeed links to a range of seasonal external articles, like a Business Insider piece that illustrates Halloween celebrations and other October holidays worldwide. A ThoughtCo article lists October fun facts, such as the duration of the Great Chicago Fire, and a Mental Floss article shares myths about why many consider Friday the 13th to be unlucky.

Private Site Newsfeed

Corporate Insight’s Life Insurance Monitor service tracks leading firms, including John Hancock, and comments on industry trends. For more about the Vitality program and seasonal life insurance celebrations, check out previous blog posts about the HealthyFood benefit, Apple Watch rewards and Life Insurance Awareness Month.