King vs. Burwell – Healthcare Firms React to Supreme Court Ruling

by on Jul 09, 2015

kingvsburwellThe Supreme Court’s recent decision to preserve the subsidies/premium tax credits for healthcare plans purchased on public exchanges, regardless of whether they are state-run or provided directly through, has sparked a frenzy of headlines across the industry. Healthcare insurers want to ensure that consumers understand the implications of the decision on their current and future plans. Here, we look at the articles, press releases and other publications released on the websites of the Healthcare Monitor coverage group that refer directly to the decision reached by the Supreme Court regarding the Affordable Care Act subsidies.

Firms like Aetna, Cigna, Humana and UnitedHealthcare all published articles on their public websites that offer a brief summary of the Court’s ruling and an explanation regarding how the decision will affect current members. All firms provide some detail explaining that current members will remain unaffected by the decision. Aetna provides the most detail by offering answers to common questions such as, “Are there any changes to my health insurance benefits, subsidies or plan premium right now?,” “Which changes do I have to report to the marketplace?,” and “When is the 2016 open enrollment period?” In a second article, Aetna includes brief background on the case as well as some perspective on the issue, where it states, “We believe that reform of the Affordable Care Act is still needed. We urge Congress to focus on solutions that improve quality, transition our payment system to value-based care and broaden consumer choice.”


Cigna Public Site Homepage (Truncated)

BCBS of Massachusetts, Humana and UnitedHealthcare have also employed these Supreme Court ruling press releases and statements to promote firm values or initiatives, typically by affirming their commitment to improve the health of communities and all of the members they serve, as well making quality health care affordable.


Humana Public Site Homepage (Truncated)

Firms in the Anthem network – Anthem BCBS, Anthem Blue Cross and Empire BCBS – as well as Harvard Pilgrim and Tufts Health Plan do not offer any reactions or information for their members on their public or member websites regarding the recent Supreme Court decision, perhaps missing an opportunity to connect