Many Brokerages Offer 2017 Outlooks, but UBS Resources Outperform

by on Jan 13, 2017

There is no doubt that 2016 was a volatile year for the economy. With major unexpected global events ranging from China’s currency devaluation to Brexit, investors struggled to keep up with the rapidly changing markets. However, in the wake of Trump’s victory and the Fed’s recent rate hike, markets cautiously rallied, while the investor outlook remained unclear. Multiple brokerages released 2017 market outlook reports that err on the positive side. While some are more comprehensive than others, these reports are an excellent way for investors to keep current with the markets and global events, while encouraging investors to think about adjusting their portfolios in 2017.

Some firms, such Merrill Edge/Lynch and Vanguard, released detailed reports, while others, like Fidelity and Morgan Stanley, released multiple articles that were typically featured on their public site homepages. The major takeaways from the different resources are similar in nature, highlighting the impact that policy and politics will have and suggesting that U.S. equities and emerging markets could perform well. Firms generally agree that the Fed will continue to raise rates and inflation could rise quickly. While these insights and recommendations scratch the surface, the UBS House View: Year Ahead 2017 report stands apart from its competitors.

UBS House View: Year Ahead 2017 Report

In the 110-page report, UBS provides a review of 2016, investment recommendations for 2017 as well as answers to common investor questions. While extremely comprehensive and detailed in its findings, the firm also uses visual aids, charts and graphics to make the report more interesting and manageable for a range of investors. Additionally, the firm created The End Game, an interactive experience where users can choose different policies and see how the global economy might react. Users can also listen to a call that discusses the report and features Mike Ryan, the firm’s chief investment strategist.

UBS The End Game

By offering a range of educational mediums and dedicating a public site page to the report, UBS reinforced the importance of learning about global events and policies and how they affect investment strategies. The report provides investors with actionable ideas and suggests that there is much market uncertainty going into 2017. More firms should consider releasing detailed projections and interactive insights for the coming year, as investors seek actionable resources amidst unprecedented volatility.