May 2019 P&C Mobile Trends and Highlights

by on May 13, 2019

Following Corporate Insight’s last Mobile Trends blog, P&C Insurance Monitor firms continued to enhance their mobile apps for a more seamless digital user experience. Since early 2019, insurers released app updates that increased in-app functionalities, implemented additional personalization and help features, added biometric login options and launched rebranding efforts.

In-App Functionalities

The value of in-app features cannot be stressed enough, as users expect to complete tasks without being redirected to their mobile browsers and logging in again. In-app experiences such as viewing policy details, updating personal and security information and reporting claims greatly enhance apps’ usability and functionality. Several firms recently expanded their in-app offerings—including Chubb, GEICO, Safeco, Nationwide and Progressive—as follows:

  • Chubb added policy information, a catastrophe service center and paperless billing documents
  • GEICO users can now quote and add drivers from the Policy screen
  • Safeco and Nationwide added the ability to report in-app property claims
  • Progressive now allows users the ability to update their credentials

Nationwide Mobile App Start a Property Claim Screens

Progressive Mobile App Update Credentials Screens

Personalization and Help Features

Mobile apps allow firms to further connect with their customers on the go; therefore, offering personalization and additional help features and contact information can encourage clients to use the app. GEICO and State Farm added the following features to their apps:

  • GEICO updated its mobile app home screen to include a Welcome Back greeting and policy highlights. Additionally, the firm provides Next Steps sections with suggestions to help clients leverage digital tools. A Discover section provides even further personalization, as the firm selects mobile app highlights for clients to check out
  • State Farm added in-app messaging for technical support


GEICO Mobile App Home screen

  State Farm Mobile App Message Technical Support

 Biometric Login Options

Biometric login options such as Touch ID and Face ID expedite the login process and remove the need to memorize passwords or PIN numbers. Within our coverage group, 15 of the 16 (94%) firms offering mobile apps include fingerprint login after Safeco joined the trend. The Hartford also added a Face ID login option to its iOS mobile app.

The Hartford Mobile App Face ID

Rebranding Mobile App Interfaces

Coordinating mobile app and website interfaces is extremely important not just from a branding standpoint but also for creating a seamless digital experience. Since the June mobile app update mentioned in our previous P&C Mobile Trends blog, Liberty Mutual furthered its rebranding efforts to incorporate the yellow and light blue color palette from its recent public and private site revamps. Allstate also refreshed its mobile app roadside assistance screens to coincide with recent public site changes.

  Liberty Mutual Mobile App Revamp

Allstate Mobile App Roadside Assistance Screens

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