Meet Alex: Liberty Mutual’s New Digital Policy Advisor

by on Apr 03, 2019

Liberty Mutual debuted Alex, a digital policy advisor on its public site Customer Support page and its private site. Out of the 19 firms tracked by the Property & Casualty Insurance Monitor, only two other firms offer public site virtual assistants: Nationwide and USAA. Alex is a unique tool as it has different capabilities, acting as a virtual assistant on the public site and a coverage coach on the private site.

From the Customer Support page, Alex can help direct auto insurance policyholders to relevant information when they click preset options. For example, if a customer wants to add a vehicle to their policy, Alex indicates how long the process will take and leads them to the Login page. Upon logging in, clients instantly land on the Quote a Policy Change page.



Sample Chat Scenario—Add a Vehicle

For the private site experience, Alex features a scenario predictor to check how the client’s current policy coverage settings and deductibles would apply to various hypothetical scenarios. Alex does not act as a virtual assistant on the private site, although the firm employs messaging to demonstrate Alex’s personalized interaction with clients.

Private Site Homepage

Alex prompts clients to select a vehicle on their policy and a scenario such as, “I was driving and hit another car” or “My car was damaged from severe weather.” Tiles load items such as coverages on the policy, missing coverages and things to know. If a coverage is missing, a link is included to the Quote a Policy Change page so clients can easily add the coverage.

Private Site Am I Covered? Page (Truncated)


Alex can also scan clients’ policies to give recommendations about additional coverages to consider.



Private Site Hi, I’m Alex Greeting


The new digital policy advisor offers innovative customer support and personalizes the private site experience.  While Alex communicates using possessive pronouns and first-person statements, it is only available from two private site pages and one public site page. Liberty Mutual could enhance the tool further by incorporating the public site chat feature onto the private site, allowing Alex to talk customers through all the steps in the customer support process instead of just directing them to a private site page. Therefore, Alex could offer continued support if the client remains unsure about how to access certain private site functions.