Merrill Edge Brings Portfolios to Life with Portfolio Story Tool

by on Apr 27, 2018

When investors log in to their brokerage accounts, one question often comes to mind: How am I doing? To answer this, discount brokerages present client balances, holdings, asset allocation and performance information in easily findable pages throughout the site. Most firms fail to present this information in a single location for a holistic view of their accounts—except for Merrill Edge. The firm’s recently launched Portfolio Story feature provides a unique experience for investors that offers a streamlined portfolio analysis and a succinct performance review divided into chapters.

Portfolio Story Landing Page

Portfolio Story breaks down clients’ portfolio composition and performance with effective visualizations, detailed holdings, future projections, expert opinions and investing impact analysis. The seven chapters include: How’s My Portfolio Performing?, What’s in My Portfolio?, How’re My Holdings Doing?, What Are My Gains and Losses?, What Could I Potentially Earn?, What Do the Analysts Say? and What’s My Investing Impact? and a Wrap-Up slide. The first chapter describes the account’s trajectory since it was funded and reasoning for its current value. Clients can compare their performances to a benchmark over multiple timeframes. The second chapter states the composition of the client’s portfolio and then outlines the asset allocation in a series of interactive pie charts.

The third chapter displays a graph outlining how much a holding has changed in value since it was bought or sold, or over a selected date. The fourth chapter displays clients’ short- and long-term holdings in color-coded bubbles. The fifth chapter offers a potential earnings estimate over the next 12 months. An estimated income bar graph displays the monthly projected income, delineating income types by color and marking investment opportunities with an infinity symbol. The sixth chapter displays client holdings in a series of tiles with analyst ratings, price, price objective and a link to the full analyst report. The seventh chapter discusses the ESG scores for all client holdings.

Lastly, the Wrap-Up section displays a summary of each chapter in a series of sections alongside key values and follow-up questions.

How’re My Holdings Doing? (Truncated)

Overall, Portfolio Story is an innovative tool that sets Merrill Edge apart from its competitors. The tool offers an easily digestible view of their portfolios and effectively connects the investment journey for clients, arming them with insight that can inform better investment decisions.