Merrill Edge’s Unique Face Retirement Tool

by on Dec 13, 2012

merrill_edge_logoMerrill Edge’s new Face Retirement tool is an interactive retirement planner with an interesting twist – it takes a current image of the user’s face and ages it to reflect their future appearance. To use the tool, users must have computers equipped with a webcam. Face Retirement does not appear to work with mobile devices as Apple products do not use Flash and Android phones were turned away due to the application not picking up the phone’s camera.

Users snap a picture, and then the tool provides several aged photos with projected economic data from each future year including cost of living and hypothetical data for other potential expenses. The tool also links to several of the firm’s pre-existing retirement tools and allows users to share their aged photo on Facebook.

Closing Thoughts
We hope that the sometimes off-putting aged images displayed by the tool do not undermine the underlying message: that saving for retirement takes patience and dedication. The tool is unique in the space, and should be a draw for site visitors who are not already using the firm’s retirement planning resources. Providing the option to share photos on Facebook should get the firm some additional attention if, of course, enough clients are willing to take the plunge and show the world their older selves.

Merrill Edge Face Retirement Tool