Mobile Banking Reaches the Regionals

by on May 17, 2012

altMobile banking websites and apps have become increasingly important to smartphone users over the last several years. Nearly all major national banks now offer their customers a variety of ways to perform their banking on the go, and with demand as high as it is, regional banks can’t afford to sit on the sidelines either. One interesting case is Dollar Bank, located from southwestern Pennsylvania to northeastern Ohio, which has been riding the mobile wave long before many larger firms. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that Dollar Bank is once again beating many larger firms to the punch.

Dollar Bank began offering their customers text-based banking in 2007, and three years later, the firm launched apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry. On May 7, Dollar Bank made their Mobile Remote Deposit feature available to customers with an iPhone, iPad 3, or an Android device, becoming the latest firm with that capability after major players like Chase, Citi and, most recently, ING Direct. The firm explains the new feature and provides a demo on the Mobile Online Banking section of their website, alongside similar content for their other mobile tools.



While Bank of America and Wells Fargo have over six thousand branches each, Dollar Bank has around fifty. This may actually make mobile banking even more important for regional firms, which cannot provide a branch location for their customers wherever they are in the country. However, with a strong mobile app that includes remote deposit, transfers and bill payments, regional banks like Dollar Bank have the ability to compete with major national banks for customers.