Mobile Finance: 2014 Trends and Innovations

by on Feb 04, 2014

Mobile usage continues to grow, with an ever-greater portion of total Internet traffic coming via a smartphone or tablet – rising above 15% in 2013.mobile_innovation_2014 Mobile gives companies a chance to deepen relations with customers as well as reach targeted demographics such as Millennials or the underbanked. With this in mind, Corporate Insight has been tracking mobile finance since 2011, following developments among leading financial services firms and exploring key topics such as tablet design, money movement, security and more.

Now, at the start of 2014, we take a look at how those trends have advanced and highlight some new developments that have emerged since. Mobile Finance: 2014 Trends and Innovations draws on our ongoing tracking of the industry as well as relevant developments outside of the financial services space. The slide deck also includes key takeaways and our thoughts on what could be coming next for mobile finance.

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