June 2016 – Mobile-Optimized and Responsively Designed Sites

In interviews for a Corporate Insight study on emerging trends in the financial services digital landscape, executives from leading firms noted that delivering an omni-channel experience is a technology and customer experience priority and an area in which they will invest in the coming years. An omni-channel experience–cohesive design and consistent functionality across all channels–is an essential way to ensure client satisfaction and increase usability as customers increasingly expect consistent service across channels.[1] One major component of a strong omni-channel experience is offering a robust mobile site comparable to the firm’s apps. The last time we reviewed the mobile sites of Mobile Monitor coverage group in our Q3 2013 report, few offered an experience that closely matched their apps. Given the importance of this concept, we thought it valuable to provide an update on firms’ current mobile site offerings.

The vast majority of firms in this study offer mobile sites, and some have taken steps to make the design and functionality more consistent with what is available on their mobile apps. However, significant gaps still exist, especially regarding advanced transaction capabilities, such as remote check deposit and P2P payments, and market research functionality. Since 2013, though, we have seen an increase in responsively designed public sites, which allow users to view and navigate a site’s full content easily whether on a computer or a mobile device. While Capital One was the only firm employing responsive design in our Q3 2013 report, more than half of the Mobile Monitor firms now offer responsively designed public sites. Select firms, such as American Express and Fidelity, feature responsively designed private sites as well. When it comes to viewing essential account details, most firms’ mobile sites feature balance, holdings and activity information comparable to their mobile app offerings. Customer service features, such as locator tools, contact information and self-service capabilities, however, tend to vary greatly from what is available using an app.

[1] Alison Wilkes. “Omnichannel: The New Normal for Retail Banks.” Bankingtech.com.