Advisory Panels

Advisory Panels

advisory_panelsCorporate Insight’s Advisory Panel offers consumers and financial professionals a unique opportunity to shape the future of products and services in several vital industries – from financial services and healthcare to higher education.  Our panel is an ongoing, virtual group we call on for opinions and feedback. Panel members interact with our analysts remotely and are routinely contacted to answer polling questions or participate in interviews.

Interested in participating? Call our toll-free number: 844-827-2824

Usability Tests & Focus Groups

Usability tests and focus groups are one-time events where people are invited to our office to take part in an interactive research exercise.

user_testing_and_focus_groupsUsability tests focus on website design and navigation from the perspective of the everyday user. Under the guidance of our expert analysts, participants will use and assess key website functionalities ranging from information architecture to tools in our usability lab.

Focus groups are moderator-led, interactive discussions concentrating on perceptions and opinions toward a product, service or concept.

If you are interested in participating in one of our usability tests or focus groups, please use the following survey to see if you qualify: Qualification Survey