Small Business Card Monitor

Small Business Card Monitor examines the online customer experience leading credit card issuers offer small business cardholders and prospective clients. Using actual small business credit card accounts, our subscription research service provides you with a unique, first-hand look at the online client account resources, transaction capabilities and account documents your competitors offer their clients. The service also tracks fees and features for the over 40 small business card products offered by our Small Business Card Monitor firms.

Tracks Nine Top Credit Card Issuers

  • American Express
  • Bank of America
  • Capital One
  • Chase
  • Citicards
  • Discover
  • PNC
  • U.S. Bank
  • Wells Fargo

Monthly Research Reports – In-depth reports that focus on key aspects of the online customer and prospect user experience, card products, fees, industry trends and more. Reports include:

  • Detailed reviews of each Small Business Card Monitor firm
  • Key findings and best practice analysis to help improve your company’s offerings
  • Handy matrix summarizing your competitors’ offerings

Monthly Updates – Comprehensive review of changes and additions to competitor public and client websites with an emphasis on:

  • Website design and usability
  • Online product and education resources
  • Client account information and transaction capabilities

Monthly Research Report Summary Slide Decks – Key summary findings, best practices from industry leaders and recommendations from each report condensed into a convenient slide deck that can easily be shared with colleagues.

Client Website Videos – Behind the login look at what competitors are offering their clients online.

Client Collateral Materials – All materials and communications that we receive are available for subscribers to view or download online. This includes account statements, newsletters, marketing pieces, disclosure documents and email communications.

Competitor Online Features & Product Matrices – Breakdown of key public and client website features for all Small Business Card Monitor firms as well as a product comparison of the over 50 cards offered by the firms.

Analyst Support – Research support from our experienced Small Business Card Monitor team.

Meredith Barthold

Senior Analyst, Bank Monitor and Credit Card Monitor Meredith Barthold is a Senior Analyst leading the research for Bank Monitor and Credit Card Monitor products. Previously, Meredith also worked on the Small Business Card Monitor product. She has conducted extensive research on the banking and credit card industries, examining the online platforms, customer service capabilities, social media marketing and technological tools offered to prospects, customers and financial professionals. In addition to weekly and monthly reports, Meredith previously authored Corporate Insight’s monthly Trends & Highlights blog series and currently produces a bi-annual Credit Card Product Update. Meredith graduated from Colgate University in 2015 with a B.A. in chemistry and has been a member of the Bank and Credit Card teams since 2015.