So Far, Limited Coverage for National Cyber Security Awareness Month

by on Oct 19, 2015

Most bank and credit card firms offer standard online security centers with fairly similar features across the board, making few changes to the pages throughout the year. This month, PNC Bank, USAA and Ally Bank are trying something new to engage users in the cyber security conversation, as October is National Cyber Security Awareness month. USAA is raising awareness through its social media pages, Ally has made targeted updates to its public site, and PNC is employing both channels to drum up attention.

Ally Bank added a Cyber Security Awareness section to the public homepage that urges users to update the operating systems on all their devices. In this section, the firm also provides a link to their security center.

USAA is promoting National Cyber Security Awareness month on its Facebook page, warning users of phishers, vishers and smsishers. The firm provides a link to “5 Common Cyberthreats and How to Fight Back”.

USAA Facebook Post

PNC, on the other hand, made significant changes to the normally stagnant homepage and security assurance page in addition to launching a social media campaign for the month. The firm’s homepage now highlights a cyber security tip, round-the-clock security assurance and a video message from PNC’s Chief Customer Officer, Karen Larrimer. A new microsite summarizes cyber security info from across the site by providing online safety tips like how to spot a scam, choose a password and watch out for fraudulent emails. The firm also added a section to the Security Assurance page that includes cyber security advice, the special video message and tips to avoid identity theft. Going further, PNC launched a corresponding social media campaign, extending its security awareness outreach via Twitter and Facebook using the hashtags #NCSAM and #CyberSecurity. This dual approach is a best practice for banks and credit card issuers as it serves to reach the widest possible audience.

 Special Video Message from PNC

PNC Facebook and Twitter Posts

As October continues, perhaps more firms will promote Cyber Security Awareness Month on Facebook or Twitter, update their site content or post news releases. Is it possible that other firms aren’t stepping up because they think they treat every month like cyber security awareness month? For now, PNC’s combination of site content and social media campaigns sets the best example.