New Advancing Financial Advice Study – Next Generation of Online Investment Solutions

by on Jan 15, 2013

afa_ci_blogIn the aftermath of the financial crisis, dozens of startups have emerged offering investors a variety of alternative online solutions for investment advice and selection. With low-cost products, transparency on fees and performance and user-friendly online platforms, this new generation of online investment solutions collectively poses a threat to traditional investment industry players.

The latest edition of Advancing Financial Advice is our most in-depth study on these emerging firms to date. In volume three, we profile over 30 VC-backed startups offering innovative online approaches to investing. The study analyzes the specific offerings and business models of these firms and highlights potential challenges for the retail investment industry.

The study features:

  • Profiles of 37 startup online investment alternatives that offer a look at the firms’ products and services, cost structure, mobile apps, unique social media features and investor education resources.
  • Analysis of the seven business models used by these firms, ranging from algorithm-based investment recommendations to trade-mimicking platforms.
  • Summary of the strengths and weaknesses of these new online competitors as well as the implications for the traditional retail investing industry.

We invite you to download Volume Three of our Advancing Financial Advice Study:

Advancing Financial Advice Study