New BlackBerry Z10 Offers Mobile Development Opportunities for Financial Services Firms

by on Jan 31, 2013

blackberry_logoOnce the king of all smartphones, BlackBerry has fallen on hard times over the last few years. The BlackBerry Z10 is aiming to change that by taking direct aim at industry giants Apple and Samsung. To do so, the Z10 is packing plenty of punch when it comes to hardware: a display boasting better resolution than the iPhone5, 2GB of RAM, and a dual core processor. However, what struck us most here at Corporate Insight is its near-field communications (NFC) technology.

Z10 Features and Uses for Financial Services
Using NFC, the Z10 will have the ability to scan barcodes, transfer data with other NFC-enabled devices, and create “tags” that are unique to the Blackberry Z10 device. Features such as these can be used by both banking and credit card firms, allowing users to perform P2P transfers, pay at NFC-enabled terminals and make mobile bill payments. For example, a paper account statement could include a scannable tag that that would allow customers to pay their bill with their BlackBerry.


Blackberry Z10 Tag Screens

Readable tags could also be useful to small businesses and retailers who advertise in print. If a consumer is interested in a new pair of sneakers featured in a magazine, a scannable tag in the ad could lead to a secure location to make a purchase using the credit card or checking account linked to the Z10.

Closing Thoughts
Blackberry has a huge hill to climb if they want to become a relevant name in the smartphone market again. With a legion of loyal users and a device with all the latest hardware to back it up, they’re clearly taking steps to remain competitive. However, Blackberry may run into the same issues that Windows phones have: a lack of app support. Of the 22 firms our Mobile Monitor team tracks, every one offers either an iPhone or an Android app. However, these firms only make a limited number of apps available for the Windows Mobile and BlackBerry platforms.