New Prudential Microsites Emphasize Legacies in Marketing Life Insurance

by on Mar 17, 2017

Prudential recently launched a Masterpiece of Love microsite and companion Tell Your Story site promoting life insurance products by discussing legacies and lost loved ones. The Masterpiece of Love site features a series of short films that highlight works of art by individuals who are inspired by their memories of loved ones who have passed away. The Tell Your Story microsite lets prospects explore stories and images of remembrance. Engaging interactive content and the ability to participate in an online support community make the Tell Your Story microsite a unique offering in the life insurance industry. Together, the two microsites add a commendable human element to Prudential’s life insurance content.

The Tell Your Story microsite compiles images and stories of loved ones in an animated format. Constant movement of animated dots that float and shift as prospects move their mouse captures prospects’ attention. The addition of underlying instrumental music completes the impression that prospects are viewing an online scrapbook filled with love and support. As prospects hover over certain dots on the microsite homepage, links to Story pages appear as floating images. Two buttons allow prospects to add a story to the site or read previous entries. Prospects can search the site, as well as share content on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest. The microsite would be noteworthy due to its unique design and wealth of interactive content, but the fact that it doubles as an online support community for people working to overcome the loss of a loved one truly makes it unique.

Tell Your Story Microsite Homepage

The Stories page links to prospects’ stories of loved ones in tiled images. Each tile links to a story that features an image of a lost loved one. Pictures mimic the style of pointillism, with floating dots forming an image. A slider on the right side of the page lets prospects filter each image, changing the size of the dots on the page to adjust the focus, continuing the site’s theme of interactive content.

Tell Your Story Microsite Sample Story Page

 On the Share Your Story page, prospects can add their own stories to the site. After logging in to Facebook or choosing to use the site via email, prospects upload a picture and then fill out a form with their story, title, name, location and relationship to the loved one.

Tell Your Story Microsite Share Your Story Page

Prudential’s Tell Your Story microsite succeeds in helping people create memorials for loved ones while highlighting the importance of leaving a financial legacy behind. The site stands out as the rare instance of a life insurance firm directly confronting loss and celebrating memories of loved ones.