4 New Online Money Management Tools Worth a Try

Post on September 19, 2013


Lower your mortgage rate through refinancing and you might raise your FlexScore 24 points; update your life insurance and it could go up 16 points.

Your score will drop if you make a dumb money move, such as taking the money you save from refinancing and putting it all into one stock. “You’ll get dinged for a lack of diversification,” says Jeff Burrow, FlexScore’s President and co-founder, who is also a financial adviser.

FlexScore gets paid if you use the financial institutions on its site, but you’re not obligated to use any of them.

“I like FlexScore a lot,” says Doug Miller, a senior analyst for banking and cards at Corporate Insight, a financial services analytics firm. “You’re not trying to score points for points’ sake. If you improve your score, you can see tangible results.”

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