5 Actions Underrepresented Advisers Can Take to Further Their Careers

Post on August 04, 2018

For June’s celebration of Pride Month, I was part of a valuable discussion about the intersection of LGBTQ and fintech. My fellow panelists and I celebrated Pride and gains in diversity and inclusion, and talked about how to be momentum-drivers, not only in our organizations but in our communities.

These conversations are critical because we are still so far behind the curve when it comes to diversity and inclusion in financial services. Part of that is the socioeconomic and demographic reality of wealth management services and the makeup of their consumer base, where shifts happen slowly, even if they should not.

But there is some positive movement. Interestingly enough, robo-adviser users are increasingly more diverse than consumers of traditional wealth management providers, according to Corporate Insight. Positive indicators and trends like this show technology is an element that can help level the playing field for individual investors.

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