A Conversation With Mike Ellison

Post on December 05, 2017

Within the overarching discussion of the emergence of Robo-Advisors, there is certainly a perceptible self-conscious tone, one informed by self-preservation and a sense of threat. But to presume out of hand that advisors will ever be truly replaced by machines misses the salient point: our technology is driving us to develop newer and more automated systems that leverage incredible advantages and efficiencies for managing the wealth of our clients.

With acceptance, and adaptation, there is a promise that may advance the advisory industry in quantum leaps. Many companies have already jumped in with both feet.We spoke with Michael Ellison, president of Corporate Insight, a technological research firm focused on developing strategic-digital solutions for the financial services market. He spoke with us about his company’s seminal 2013 report, Next-Generation Investing: Online Startups and the Future of Financial Advice, and the implications for automated, online managed accounts. In essence, it moves the investment advisory off the old tracks and onto a high-speed rail of client outreach and connectivity.

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