B of A & Citi Ramp Up iPad App Marketing

Post on April 02, 2012


In the wake of Apple’s recent launch of its newest iPad, additional attention has been placed on the iPad apps available from banks and other financial institutions. Discover’s announcement of its new card management-centric iPad app only amplified this buzz. While many banks and card issuers now offer iPad apps, only two major banks that we track through our Bank Monitor service–Bank of America and Citibank–make a strong effort to market the iPad apps they’ve developed online within their public websites.

It is perhaps unsurprising that these firms are leading the charge towards banking via the iPad, as they have been active in mobile handset-based banking for several years. It should be noted that Chase offers an iPad app as well. However, the firm does not offer any information specific to the iPad on their public site, instead grouping it in with promotion of the Chase iPhone app.


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