Large Insurers Don’t Leave Too Many Questions on Facebook Unanswered

Post on December 10, 2012




The analysis found that for the most part, these large P&C insurers are ahead of the 48% average Socialbakers revealed for Q3. Nationwide (76.9%), Progressive (76.5%), and State Farm (73.1%) represented the top tier of “socially devoted” insurance brands, each answering roughly 3 of every 4 questions asked during that period in November. Beyond those leaders, the next tier answered between 50-60% of questions, led by Allstate (57.9%), and followed by GEICO (56.1%), Liberty Mutual (51.7%), and American Family Insurance (50%). Of the 8, only Farmers trailed the average, ignoring more questions than it answered, for a response rate of 46.4%.

The analysis does have its limitations, of course. For one, it looked at official fan pages, and so may have ignored pages that carriers pay more attention to. Research from Corporate Insight, for example, indicates that Allstate, GEICO, Nationwide, Progressive, and State Farm each offer 4 or more distinct Facebook pages. Still, if GEICO is focusing more on the gecko’s Facebook page, it’s above-average response rate for its official corporate page bodes well.


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