Looking at User-Friendliness of Recordkeeper Websites

Post on August 15, 2019

study from Corporate Insight found 69% of participants deemed the ability to manage future investment allocations to be very or extremely important when rating the value of transaction types on recordkeeper websites. However, a more recent study found participants can be confused by terminology and frustrated by design features.

According to Corporate Insight’s report, participants consistently expressed a desire to view investment performance data in a manner that did not interfere with their ability to use the transactional interface. They also wanted the information to be statically available, as this makes it easier to compare funds. Thus, the overall consensus among respondents was that providing fund data directly on the interface is the most helpful, followed by new browser tabs or windows that house this data. One participant summed up the general sentiment by saying, “The performance data is really what I am using to make my decisions here, so I like being able to see it or open it in any way. But when I am using it, I should be able to compare funds.”

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