Robo Advisers’ Latest Foray: Socially Responsible Investing

Post on June 18, 2017

As the millennial investor comes of age, two youthful trends are converging: socially responsible investing and robo-advisory services. Over the past year, a small but growing number of firms have introduced automated—or “robo”— investment services that include socially responsible investments. Driving the interest is a desire on the part of individuals to spend and invest in ways that are consistent with their values. … The new services are part of a trend toward specialization among robo advisers, says Sean McDermott, a project manager at consulting firm Corporate Insight Inc. “Every major financial-services firm has either launched a robo or has announced plans to do so. The big firms have advantages, including trusted brand names and bigger marketing budgets,” he says. “The startups are trying to carve out a niche to differentiate themselves.”

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