Survey Reveals the Brokerage Website Features that Matter to Investors

Post on September 28, 2011


Corporate Insight, the leading provider of competitive intelligence to the financial services industry, recently found that 89% of retail investors consider the brokerage website very or extremely important to their relationship with their primary brokerage firm. Corporate Insight’s Brokerage Website Audit investor survey also revealed the specific website features — like account balances, detailed quotes, charts, etc. — that investors value most. The complete results of this survey were published today in Corporate Insight’s new Investor Survey Report.

For this survey, the firm polled 1,000 retail investors who logged into their brokerage account at least once in the past month, collecting data on participants’ online preferences, investing behavior, product ownership, use of the mobile channel and numerous demographic factors. Corporate Insight incorporates the data into the research methodology for its Brokerage Website Audit service, which provides brokerage firms with a comprehensive assessment of their website’s effectiveness versus competitors’ across nine categories (e.g., Account Information), 55 sub-categories (e.g., Account Balances) and over 250 attributes (e.g., Balance Data Freshness).

Of the nearly 100 website features that investors rated in Corporate Insight’s 2011 Brokerage Website Audit Investor Survey, nine of the 15 most important features are account information-related.

“Since our first investor survey in 2003, account information has been and continues to be the single most important component of the brokerage site to investors,” says James McGovern, Vice President of Corporate Insight. “While critically important — and heavily weighted in our Audit scores — just 15% of the brokerage firms we track earned a ‘Good’ rating for their account information. Mediocre account alerts and the lack of performance analysis tools are two of the biggest reasons why firms struggle here.”


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