Tablet-Friendly Websites a Must for Banks

Post on October 11, 2013


Financial services firms need to focus on creating tablet-friendly websites in addition to native tablet apps, finds a new report from Corporate Insight.

The report notes the exploding growth of tablet adoption since the iPad was released in 2010, with more than 100 million of that device having been sold since its inception. And while many companies have released native apps for the tablet in that time, the report notes that “a significant portion” of tablet traffic comes via a browser, highlighting the need for financial services firms to create tablet-friendly websites.

To accomplish this, Corporate Insight recommends firms use responsive web design, a relatively new approach to building mobile-friendly websites that will detect what device is being used and fluidly adapt to a layout optimized for that screen size. According to the report, financial services firms are “beginning to experiment with responsive websites, although at the largest firms capabilities are limited at best.”


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