Twitter overtakes Facebook as financial services’ favoured network

Post on May 04, 2012


Corporate Insight’s fourth annual report, which examines how financial institutions use social media tools, showed that at the end of 2011, 92% of firms actively engage clients through social media have a presence on Twitter, whereas only 88% have a presence on Facebook.

“The percentage of firms on Facebook and Twitter had nearly doubled, and a few innovators had launched multiple profiles on the major social networks for different purposes, like customer service, marketing and recruiting. Since then, social activity has only accelerated in the industry, with nearly 90% of the companies we track having some form of social media presence,” said the report.

As well as Facebook and Twitter, Corporate Insight also assessed the proprietary communities and blogs of the 90 firms participating in the research. The findings showed that in the period from January to March, 19 new financial services properties were launched, 17 of which were Twitter accounts.


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