UBS Targets HNWs with Equity Plan Iteration of Digital Platform

Post on July 10, 2018

UBS Wealth Management rolled out a new version of its online platform for
corporate clients and equity compensation plan participants as it continues to
expand its digital-advice services.

“The launch is in line with the company’s strategy of targeting high-net-worth
individuals,” Sean McDermott, senior analyst at Corporate Insight, explained.
“UBS is looking to deepen their relationships with equity plan participants, so they
could do business with them outside company-sponsored equity programs.”
The UBS offering is the first of its kind in terms of digital advice targeting equity
plan participants, according to McDermott.

Platforms such as Betterment and Wealthfrontoffer blogs and educational content for investors but don’t have a specific defined service for employees with equity compensation plans, he said. Betterment’s premium feature offers clients the option of managing aspects of their equity plans, but the robo doesn’t have a standalone
service dedicated to such clients.

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