Upstart Robo, Major Ops Provider Help Advisors Lure Millennials

Post on June 26, 2017

An upstart robo with a behavioral finance bent has teamed up with a company that provides the technology guts to wealth management platforms representing roughly $1.4 trillion in assets. Tech provider Fiserv will begin making services from New York–based online model maker GoldBean available to its 300 or so broker-dealer, bank and other wealth management clients this week. The aim is to provide advisors who already use Fiserv-powered platforms with a service built to lure millennials and other first-time investors. The aim is to help advisors win the business of their clients’ children and other investors whose assets may swell over time…A November 2016 study from Corporate Insight suggests that the average “robo embracer” is 44 years old, and that the primary reason investors choose such systems is to make investing less complicated.

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