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Download the recording of our October UX Spotlight webinar hosted by Adam HulnickCorporate Insight’s VP of UX Research. He shares surprising insights discovered during recent comparative user research.

The following topics are covered:

  • Identifying roadblocks to creating an easily navigable site experience
  • Preventing unclear differences between redemption options
  • Avoiding confusion between the earning vs. redemption reward process
  • Establishing more user-friendly tools and interfaces

Elevate the User Experience for Your Retirement Investment Transaction Tools

Download this live webinar hosted by Adam Hulnick, VP of UX Research at Corporate Insight. Based on recent comparative research with actual users, Adam outlines what clients are looking for in the optimal retirement investment transaction tool. Some of the strategies shared include:

  • Pinpointing roadblocks to a comfortable experience in account transactions and management
  • Preventing a disconnect between client expectations of advice vs. reality
  • Enhancing functionality to help users with the mathematical requirements of retirement investment tools

Users in Your DNA: The 5 Mindsets of a UX-Obsessed Culture

The experience you deliver to your customers is one of the few remaining differentiators your firm can use to stand out from the competition. VP User Experience and Author of “Users in Your DNA” Adam Hulnick has decades of experience helping companies create successful user experiences. During this webinar, he dives deeper into the 5 mindsets of a UX-Obsessed Culture.  Review case studies of companies that did it right and some that did it wrong.  Find out the best ways to create a more user-focused culture in your company. Walk away with ideas and tips you can use to create a culture in your workplace where it’s almost impossible to NOT create a customer experience that your client’s crave.

Best Practices for Improving Your Homeowner’s Insurance Quote Tools

VP User Experience Adam Hulnick shares insights discovered during recent Corporate Insight comparative user research. Learn what homeowners are looking for in the ideal Homeowner’s Insurance Quote Tool.

  • Understand the differences in how users conduct insurance shopping
  • Identify the lines between time saving and overreaching
  • Determine if your questionnaire is concise or cumbersome
  • Are you coming across as credible to prospects?
  • What should NOT be included in a successful quote tool