November 2013 Trends & Highlights – Financial Education Gaming, New Tablet Apps and Public Site Card Activation

by on Dec 11, 2013

tablet apps.
In a busy November, firms released new mobile apps and improved existing ones, a new bank joined our coverage group, and several firms rolled out unique new games and contests.

Fidelity Wants You to “Beat the Benchmark” in New Game
Developed by Fidelity Labs and currently in beta testing, Fidelity’s new Beat the Benchmark game is a fun and unique take on financial education. Players win (hypothetical) money by answering financial trivia questions and then use that money to construct a hypothetical portfolio of U.S. stocks, international stocks, bonds and cash in an attempt to outperform a given year’s benchmark. Users need a separate Fidelity Labs login to play, or they can sign into the Web app using their Facebook accounts.

Beat the Benchmark
Beat the Benchmark
Firms Continue to Update Apps, Focus on Tablets
Capital One launched a new iPad app catering to both traditional banking and Capital One 360 customers. Adopting many of the same features as the existing iPhone app, the new tablet application allows customers to manage accounts, pay bills, deposit checks and send P2P payments. A SunTrust tablet app (which is available now for iPad but coming soon to Android devices) boasts a very user-friendly design and seamless navigation. The app’s Deposit tool even features its own guided tutorial, accessible by pressing the “How it Works” button on the top right corner.

New Tablet Apps from Capital One and SunTrust 1 New Tablet Apps from Capital One and SunTrust 2
New Tablet Apps from Capital One and SunTrust
In addition to releasing these new apps, Mobile Monitor firms continued to improve their existing applications. Most notably, Ally Bank added the third party Popmoney service to its mobile platform and TD Ameritrade optimized its Android application to tablet use.

Public Site Credit Card Activation
American Express now allows customers to activate a new credit card directly on the public site, no longer requiring them to log in to the private site to do so. This new public site option accelerates the activation process for existing AmEx customers and removes the need for first-time customers to create an online account just to begin using their cards. AmEx’s tool fits in with recent trends as well; Discover added a similar feature in late October.

Name Your Baby!
Nationwide launched a new promotional contest – What’s Your Baby’s Name?  – that asks users to submit a photo of their car (“baby”) along with its name and a brief description of how and why they chose it. The winner, as judged by other users, received $7,500 towards a road trip and gas expenses. The contest is currently closed, and visitors can browse winning entries like “1970s DNA” and “Black Knight.”


"Name Your Baby” Contest Winners
“Name Your Baby” Contest Winners
Introducing our Newest Bank Monitor Firm: Santander Bank
Last month, Bank Monitor was please to expand its coverage group with the inclusion of Santander Bank. Formerly known in the U.S. as Sovereign Bank, the bank’s Spanish parent company Santander Group formally rebranded its U.S. operation as Santander Bank in late October. The banks boasts a diverse array of checking and savings account options, rewards programs for checking and debit card activity, and an appealing and effective website.