Online Transition Timeline – ING Direct Becomes Capital One 360

by on Feb 14, 2013

After more than a year of planning, Capital One officially transitioned the ING Direct website to Capital One 360. Other than some slight enhancements, which include a new blue and red color scheme, updated account product names and the new Capital One 360 logo, the new site remains mostly unchanged. Here’s a timeline of the migration process, which began June of 2011:

June 2011 – Capital One issued a press release announcing that it agreed to acquire ING’s Direct Banking business within the United States.

February 2012 – Capital One announced that it completed its acquisition of ING Direct and retained the rights to use the ING Direct name until February of 2013. The firm also stated that clients could begin utilizing Capital One’s system of ATMs. In addition, Capital One promised to release CheckMate, a remote check deposit feature, to ING clients during the spring of 2012.

May 2012 – Keeping its promise, Capital One released CheckMate to ING Direct clients, allowing them to deposit checks by smartphone.

June 2012 – Capital One officially removed its own Capital One Direct banking products from its website, replacing them with a page directing visitors to the ING Direct site.

September 2012 – The ING public and private sites were revamped with a new integrated main navigation menu design that would be used for the official transition in February 2013.

November 2012 – ING Direct announced that it will be renamed Capital One 360 as of February 2013, and will also feature a new logo and a red and blue color scheme.

January 2013 – ING Direct publicized the new 360 account product names and reminded clients to make note of the firm’s new website URL: Clients were also told that their login credentials, account numbers, account fees and other features will remain the same.

February 1, 2013 – ING Direct officially transitions to Capital One 360. As planned, the site retained all major functionality, with the exception of the updated color scheme and updated account names.

New Capital One 360 Website

Closing Thoughts
The firm has done a fine job of keeping clients up to date throughout the transition process. A Capital One section was added to the ING Direct site in March of 2012, which provided clients with a complete schedule of upcoming events as well as important FAQs. Capital One also made a smart decision to have all major site enhancements implemented in advance.  With its emphasis on a slow and orderly migration process and an insistence on keep clients keenly informed about the situation, Capital One ensured the smoothest transition possible for ING Direct customers.