Oppenheimer Enters the Mobile Space with a Splash

by on Mar 08, 2012

altLast week, Oppenheimer Funds introduced the Global Tracker app for the iPad and Android. Like a number of other fund firms, Oppenheimer does not support mobile account access but is making an effort to provide valuable mobile fund research and investment commentary to clients and non-clients alike.

Key Functionalities
The app homepage offers three investment information options asking users to select whether they want to research a market, fund or company. The Market option allows users to choose a country and view key economic, consumption and demographic factors. They can also compare the country to others.

The Fund option lists the firm’s mutual funds and links to profiles and helpful graphs and videos. The Company option offers key information for each company along with a fund that holds it. The menu at the bottom of the screen also offers lists of Videos and “Quick Facts” from Oppenheimer whitepapers. A Twitter icon at the top of the screen activates a fly-out with Oppenheimer’s latest tweets.

Final Thoughts
Oppenheimer’s new app is impressive. The app has great visual appeal and offers a strong selection of investment information, commentaries and videos. The integration of the firm’s Twitter feed into the app is also a nice touch and highlights Oppenheimer’s dedication to social media.

Oppenheimer Global Tracker App